876-416-1347, 876-509-9444 Monday - Saturday 176 Old Hope Road. Kingston, Jamaica
876-416-1347, 876-509-9444 Monday - Saturday 176 Old Hope Road. Kingston, Jamaica

Kids Martial Arts

Let us be a part of your child’s development through the martial arts, helping to cultivate a higher sense of awareness, strength, discipline, respect, confidence, kindness and more of these virtuous qualities.

We offer 3 Kids Programs: Kids Kung Fu, Kids Kickboxing and Kids Mixed Martial Arts.

Our Kung Fu program is Northern Shaolin Kung fu, which is a traditional Chinese Martial Arts system that uses fast, fluid, circular techniques with full extension of the body. It also has a great variety of styles incorporated into the system along with many different exotic Chinese Weapons, so there is much to learn.

Our Kids Kickboxing program teaches the foundations of kickboxing including footwork, punching, blocking and kicking, which are essential for self defense. 

Our Mixed Martial Arts program is a combination of our Kung Fu and Kickboxing programs.

We have Kids Kung Fu classes for ages 4 – 12. We divide them into two groups Little Tigers ages 4 – 6 and Young Dragons ages 7 – 12.

For the Little Tigers age group, we are only holding Kung Fu classes once a week:

 Schedule for Little Tigers Kung Fu      

For our Young Dragons, we have Kung Fu only, Kickboxing only or our Mixed Martial Arts program:

Schedule for Young Dragons Kung Fu


Some of the benefits that children acquire through training with us include:

Discipline and perseverance

Hard work, discipline, resilience and drive are essential in the practice of Kung Fu. Children will learn to push themselves, work hard and strive in order to progress. This will benefit them in all areas of life – studying hard to pass a test, working to improve grades in subjects they have difficulty with, etc. Children will learn the importance of never giving up.

Enhanced co-ordination and increased physical fitness

Fitness is a key element in martial arts training. Warm-ups and stretches begin each class, followed by more intense exercises such as push ups, jumping jacks, punching and kicking drills as well as the movements of basic Shaolin empty hand and weapon routines. Kung Fu will improve muscular strength, cardiovascular health, balance and co-ordination. Children who are physically active have fewer health problems than those who lead more sedentary lives. In this technological age, where kids spend more and more time on the computer or playing video games, it is crucial to get them interested in physical activity and Kung Fu is a wonderful way to get your kids active.

Improved mental function

Through the memorization required to master different moves, combinations and forms, children will improve their memory and concentration, which will be an asset in their academic endeavors.


Respect is paramount in the practice of Kung Fu. Children will learn not only to respect their instructor, but their fellow students and themselves.


Kung Fu is an individual practice, kids are able to participate and learn at their own speed without the worry of winning; children who may not excel at team sports or sports in general, will be able to receive the benefits of physical activity without the pressure of keeping up with others. As kids master different moves, see the improvement in their physical fitness and see their abilities grow, their self-confidence will also blossom.


In today’s society it is very important for everyone to have some knowledge of basic self-defense techniques. Kung Fu will teach kids how to protect themselves if the need ever arises. The self-defense component of Kung Fu will also give parents some peace of mind knowing that their child has an idea of how to protect him/herself.

Stress relief

Kung Fu allows children to release nervous energy or stress through physical activity. Kung Fu is not about violence; it is a good way for children to calm down from various stresses in life.

“To win without fighting is best”

Kung Fu and Kickboxing training will equip children with the ability to avoid confrontation.

Kung Fu Sash System

Red Sash


Level 1, Level 2

Green Sash


Level 1, Level 2

White Sash


Level 1, Level 2

Yellow Sash


Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

Blue Sash


Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4

Brown Sash


Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4

Black Sash


5 Degrees