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876-416-1347, 876-509-9444 Monday - Saturday 176 Old Hope Road. Kingston, Jamaica

Guidelines for Kids Classes

Iron Lotus Academy of Martial Arts Guidelines for Kids Martial Arts

Our intention is to provide a safe, professional and peaceful space for your kids to train. Our roots are in tradition, bringing ancient teachings into modern times. Please read and follow the guidelines to keep the discipline and peace of tradition alive while maintaining a safe training environment. We are invested in the personal development of each child. Shaping their character into magnificent human beings is important to us.

Student’s etiquette guidelines:

All students are to salute when entering or leaving the school, as well as at the beginning and end of classes. This shows respect to your teachers, your school and a reminder of the environment in which you are in

Take off your shoes before entering the school and place them on the shoe rack provided.

All students must be on time for classes and must ask permission to enter or leave a class, once it has begun.

If needed, go to the bathroom before class begins.

All Kung Fu students must wear the required uniform to every class.

There is no playing or screaming allowed in the school. Respect the environment you are in and use the time before and after class to practice what you have learned.

No equipment should be handled without express permission from an instructor.

There is no eating or drinking allowed on the mats. Food/drink may be had on the benches or outside the school.

For Kung Fu classes, students line up according to rank, which is indicated by color of sash and level. The number of stripes earned for your sash specifies the level.

“Kung Fu” means “skill achieved through hard work.” It is the responsibility of the student to practice all forms, stances and strikes. Especially pertaining to forms, practice outside of class is greatly needed and strongly advised. Train hard.

There are no water breaks during class. The instructor may give a water break if he/she chooses depending upon the level of intensity of the class.

Please treat all weapons and equipment with respect. Weapons must be used for practice only, cleaned, and put back in the appropriate place. Keep the school clean by cleaning up after yourself.

Sifu, Simo, Sije and Sihing should be addressed by their titles at all times.

No student is to practice martial arts on friends or family. What you learn in class is to be used in class only or for self-defense.

When sparring and/or practicing sparring drills, remember the aim is not to harm, but to practice technique and become more aware of your overall strengths and areas that need improvement. There is no room for emotional outbursts in class, it is not anger and frustration that should lead a fight, but one’s fighting spirit.

Do not talk out of turn in class. Raise your hand if you have a question.

Be kind and respectful to your fellow students, teachers and parents.

Listen and follow instructions.

Try your best no matter what is asked of you. It is ok if you do not get it right the first time. Do not give up.

Take all your belongings with you when you get picked up after class.



Parents’/Guardians’ etiquette guidelines:

In order for class to be run successfully, those parents who wish to observe the class must abide by the following guidelines. These are put in place as a direct result of our teaching experiences. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and will contribute to a more focused environment free from distractions.

If you’re child is having difficulty with entering the class, you may try waiting outside with them for up to 10 minutes. If they still refuse to participate after 10 minutes then please try again another time.

For new students we encourage parents to drop off their children and let the instructor have the child’s full attention for at least the first half of class, then come watch for the second half.

Parents are asked not to signal or use hand gestures to their children during class, as this can be very distracting and confusing to them and others.

Please be very quiet and do not engage in loud conversation with others, as some children are easily distracted. Please put your phone on silent during class unless it is absolutely necessary to do otherwise.

Please do not cheer your child on during training or sparring as this could be upsetting to other students that don’t have anyone cheering for them. It can also be very distracting.

Please do not leave a student’s friend or family member unattended to wait for them to finish class. Friends of students, no matter their age, are not the responsibility of Iron Lotus Academy.

Any friends of students that wish to try out a class must have their parents’ permission. The parent/guardian must have filled out a registration form and signed the waiver before he/she can participate. It is preferred to have their parent/guardian speak with the instructors directly before attending.

If your child is being reprimanded, please do not interfere or feel offended. We are firm and fair, always having the intention to build their character through wisdom and compassion.

If your child should get hurt or injured in any way, please allow the instructor to handle the situation. Depending on the age of the child and situation, we may request your intervention.

Safety is of the utmost importance and so we ask if there are any changes to pick up arrangements, please give us all relevant information ahead of time.

If your child is unwell, especially if contagious, please allow them to recover fully before sending them back to training.

Please no recording of any classes without the permission of the head instructors



Payment Policies:

Please pay school fees on time at the beginning of each term. Payment plans are available at the discretion of Iron Lotus management.

Please note there are absolutely no transfers or refunds in part or in full. We do not transfer unattended classes to future terms.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to bring his/her child to class. We understand that life happens and classes may be missed. If two or more consecutive weeks have been missed we can offer a few minutes before or after a class (within the same term) to catch up the student on material missed.