876-416-1347 Monday - Saturday 176 Old Hope Road. Kingston, Jamaica
876-416-1347 Monday - Saturday 176 Old Hope Road. Kingston, Jamaica

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Martial Arts for Kids

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, Kung Fu, is great to teach kids discipline, focus and respect and keep them very active. We take  children as young as 4 years old.

A Fitness Experience Different than a Traditional Gym

Versatile fitness classes that combine Kickboxing with weight training, circuit training, HIIT and more.

Martial Arts Package For Adults

We have a diverse program that includes Kickboxing, takedowns, submission grappling, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and yoga. Pick your focus or do it all!

There's Something For Everyone

No matter your age or fitness level, we have a class for you! Our classes are structured in such a way that you can go at your own pace. Our goal is to keep the classes interesting and challenging enough that you will achieve a steady growth of the skills and fitness level you want to develop. Our kids Kung Fu classes inspire self confidence and discipline. We have Kickboxing, Self Defense and Traditional Northern Shaolin Kung Fu classes for teens and adults. Also, let’s not forget about our fitness classes!

Kids Kung Fu

Little Tigers – Ages 4 – 7

Young Dragons – Ages 8 -12

Fit Like a Fighter Package


Weight Training


Circuit Training



Iron Lotus Warrior Package


Heavy Bag Techniques

Muay Thai

Kung Fu


Meet Our Instructors

Matthew Auld


Over 22 years of training in Martial Arts.
Trained in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and Sanshou.
Experienced in Kickboxing, self defense, submission grappling and wrestling.
Former Sanshou competitor and ISKA Amateur Kickboxing Champ 2002.
Teaching Martial Arts to adults and children for over 20 years.
Certified Group Exercise Instructor.
Over 6 years experience in Meditation.

Tamara Auld


Over 8 years training in Martial Arts
Trained in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.
Experienced in Kickboxing and Sanshou.
Over 7 years experience in teaching adults and children Martial Arts.
Certified Muay Thai Fitness Instructor.
Certified Group Exercise Fitness Insructor.
Certified Holistic Life Coach.
Over 10 years experience in meditation, Reiki and other energy/healing practices.
Certified Meditation Teacher.