876-416-1347, 876-509-9444 Monday - Saturday 176 Old Hope Road. Kingston, Jamaica
876-416-1347, 876-509-9444 Monday - Saturday 176 Old Hope Road. Kingston, Jamaica

Adult Classes

Fitness Package

Shadow Boxing & Abs

This class focuses entirely on building strength in your core and toning your abdominal muscles. 55 minutes.

Boxing & Upper Body

A class with exercises geared towards toning the upper body and building strength using boxing techniques, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and more. 55 minutes.

Kickboxing & Lower Body

Focuses on strengthening legs and glutes using kickboxing techniques, plyo boxes, barbells, mini bands and more. 55 minutes.

Kickboxing & Resistance Training

A challenging class that combines a number of exercise mediums with kickboxing training. Those mediums include bodyweight, kettlebell, barbell, dumbbell, mini band, resistance trainer, wall ball exercises and more. 55 minutes.

High Intensity Cardio

This class focuses on fat burning and endurance using cardiovascular and weighted exercises. We utilize interval and circuit training including High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Tabata Training. 55 minutes.

Kickboxing & Core

Shadow boxing and kickboxing drills on the heavy punching bag along with exercises to strengthen your core. It’s a one of a kind class that’s great for stress relief and scorching calories. 55 minutes.

Weight Training

A 55 minute weight class with a few targeted exercises and a lot of reps.


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Martial Arts Package

Kickboxing Techniques

Kickboxing is a stand-up combat sport that has been developed from traditional martial arts, using kicks and punches. Our Kickboxing class, as part of our Iron Lotus Warrior Package, teaches skills from a Chinese Kickboxing style known as Sanda or Sanshou. This class focuses on stand up techniques only. 55 minutes.

Muay Thai

This Thai Kickboxing class focuses on drills using fists, elbows, knees and shins. 55 minutes.

Intro to Kickboxing

A 55 minute class focusing on breaking down stand up techniques, including proper kicking, punching, blocking, slipping and more.

Kickboxing Drills

Skipping, shadow boxing and heavy bag work. 55 minutes.

Kung Fu

We teach Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, which is a form of Chinese Martial Art. It can be learned and applied effectively by anyone.  Students begin with learning foundational skills, such as stances, punches and kicks. Our studio also offers a wide assortment of exotic weapons not seen in other styles of martial arts as well as powerful and versatile empty hand forms. This type of training helps to develop a more complete martial artist. Each weapon works a different area of the body and helps to balance the arms and waist. Because weapons are an extension of the arms, weapon techniques can be applied with the empty hand. This training begins at the first level (red sash). Weapons taught include staff, kwan dao, darn dao (broadsword), double broadsword, gim, double daggers and sam jit kwan (3-section staff). 55 minutes.


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Online Training

We are currently offering Kickboxing & Resistance Training, Kung Fu and Meditation classes online. These classes are all streamed live. To see full online training schedule, please click here.