876-416-1347, 876-509-9444 Monday - Saturday 176 Old Hope Road. Kingston, Jamaica
876-416-1347, 876-509-9444 Monday - Saturday 176 Old Hope Road. Kingston, Jamaica

Guidelines for Adult Classes

Iron Lotus Academy Training Guide


Our intention is to provide a safe, professional and peaceful space for martial arts/fitness training. Our roots are in tradition, bringing ancient teachings into modern times. Please read and follow the guidelines to keep the discipline and peace of tradition alive while maintaining a safe training environment:


Please salute at the door when entering or leaving the studio.

 No shoes are allowed on the training mats. Our training is primarily done barefooted. If you are partaking in a fitness class that does not require kicking the punching bags/pads, then you may wear athletic, non-marking shoes (please wipe shoes on floor mats before stepping on training mats).

 No food or drinks, except water, allowed on the mats.

 If you use any equipment for your class, which includes mitts, Thai pads, and weights, please clean them with the solution and rags provided, and put them back in their place.

 If you cut or injure yourself, please stop training immediately and alert an instructor. Any wounds must be attended to immediately along with any training area affected if applicable.

 It is very likely that you will sweat while training so we ask that you wipe the area of the mat you used with the cleaning materials provided. We also ask that if you use a punching bag during training to please wipe it down with the sanitation solution and cloth provided.

 Please bring a towel to each training session.

 Do not drop or slam weights on the mat. If any equipment is damaged as a result of misuse, you will be responsible for replacing the item.

 Please store personal belonging under benches. Iron Lotus is not responsible for any lost or misplaced items.

This is a family environment and we love that students enjoy sharing knowledge. Students who have been training consistently may help their partner break down movement of the drills. However, please leave the coaching to the teachers, it is our responsibility to transmit knowledge accurately to the best of our ability.

Come to training with an open mind and an intention to evolve as a human being on any and all levels that you feel ready for.

Please do not record any classes in part or in full without the permission of Iron Lotus Management and the consent of the would be participants.


We ask that all patrons adhere to the following dress code policy and guidelines for health, safety and personal hygiene:

 – Full-length shirt must be worn, covering chest, back and stomach. Please understand that altered shirts contribute to an excess of sweat transfer and you are also more susceptible to any bacteria that may be on mats, punching bags etc.

– Please wear athletic pants or shorts of an appropriate length. No jeans, khakis or any clothing with zippers, studs or rivets should be worn for training.

– If you are participating in the martial arts program please ensure that you trim your nails, wear deodorant and remove jewelry before training. For the MMA conditioning class it is wisest to wear a rash guard or at least a shirt with sleeves, as this is the class with most contact.



Payment Policies

Please pay membership fees on time. A reminder email will be sent to you 3 days before your membership ends.

You have 30 days from payment date for any membership packages, vouchers etc. to begin your training. For example, if you pay for 1 month membership on August 1st and do not start training on that day, you have until August 31st to begin training. If 30 days pass you must pay again for the membership/voucher.

Please note there are no transfers or refunds in part or in full.


It is your responsibility to show up to class and follow through on your commitment to training. We understand that life happens and so we allow freezing membership in accordance with the following guidelines:

– You must email or whatsapp your request to freeze your membership at least 24 hours before freezing date. Please do not miss classes and then request to be given back those classes.

 – For 1 month memberships we allow a maximum of 1 week freeze, once, within the 1 month period.

– For 3 month memberships – a maximum of 2 weeks freeze, once, within the 3 month period.

– For 6 month membership – a maximum of 2 weeks freeze, twice, within the 6 month period.

– For 12 month membership – a maximum of 2 weeks freeze, 3 times, within the 12 month period.