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876-416-1347, 876-509-9444 Monday - Saturday 176 Old Hope Road. Kingston, Jamaica

Reiki Session

Reiki is a form of energy medicine that was developed by a Japanese martial artist by the name of Mikao Usui. The word “Reiki” is either used to refer to the system developed by Usui or to refer to the meaning of the  Japanese Kanji that form the word “Reiki.” “Rei” has several translations but the general sense of the word is spiritual consciousness. “Ki” means life force energy, like “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit. So the term Reiki as a whole can be understood as spiritually guided life force energy.

The healing technique aspect of this system is “hands-on.” The practitioner connects to the recipient through light touch (or it can be done with the hands raised just above the body) then “tunes into” the universal life force energy, like an antenna picks up radio waves. The practitioner then allows this energy to flow through them, through their hands, to the recipient. The energy will go where it is most needed. Physical contact is not a necessity for Reiki to do its work; energy healing is not limited to in person sessions. These sessions can be done online with the same efficacy. Whether in person or at a distance, Reiki energy facilitates bringing our body, mind and emotions back into a state of balance and wholeness.

Our bodies have a natural, innate intelligence that makes healing a natural occurrence. When we cut ourselves it is the body that heals itself. We may put antibiotic cream and a gauze over the wound but it is not these elements that are the cause of the healing. These elements create a space, an environment, that facilitates the body to repair itself. In the same light, Reiki provides a space for the recipients to heal themself as a whole. The recipient’s energy bodies draw in the Reiki nourishing and balancing the areas that are most appropriate for their perfect healing. This technique is known to facilitate deep rest and relaxation, bringing the recipient to a state of consciousness where the body repairs itself more efficiently.

Another technique of spiritually guided energy that we offer is Angelic Reiki. This is unrelated to the system that came out of Japan and is a fairly new healing art. Angelic Reiki is an energy healing modality that was channelled by Kevin Core through Archangel Metatron between October 2002 and February 2003 in England. This system facilitates healing and awakening by connecting to the Angelic Kingdom of light. The practitioner embodies Angelic consciousness, allowing this divine energy to flow through to do its work for the recipient. The practitioner acts as a bridge to the Angelic Realm, allowing this presence, this consciousness, to flow to the recipient. Just like Usui Reiki, it heals on multiple levels of the human being. With Angelic Reiki, however, there is one hand position. It is a wonderful experience for both the practitioner and the recipient. You really feel the loving presence of the Angelic consciousness flowing through knowing that the most perfect healing is taking place.

Sessions are 75 minutes.

Current Rates:

For an in studio session: $6,200

Online session (Distance Reiki): sliding scale US$50 – $75

For an in home session: $8,800

These sessions include energy work with intuitive feedback if needed 

Reiki Healing sessions are done on an individual basis and can be made available to you through appointment.

Please contact us for more information or to book your session.

See what people are saying about our Reiki sessions

  • Every healing session I’ve done with Tammy has been a beautyfull & blessed experience. She works in a very honest, kind and understanding way, creating safe space for deep release and restoration. I allways feel much lighter and more at peace after a session with Tammy… I feel she has taken the time to truly see me, and to facilitate the most effective healing for whatever I am going through at the time. Her gentle spirit allows me to feel very safe and respected, no matter what. I recommend a session with Tammy to anyone who is in need of energetic release, realignment, clarity, rest, or any other form of healing.

  • The reiki sessions from Tammy are the most relaxing form of healing work I have experienced. A few years ago I was under tremendous stress with the illness and death of a close family member. The situation required a lot of traveling with long flights and time away from my immediate family. A friend suggested that I try a reiki session with Tammy. I was very skeptical, but feeling burned-out and in a state of grief from my loss, I figured I would try it. The experience was amazing! I felt so much more relaxed and positive after the reiki session. My psychological and emotional state improved tremendously. Tammy takes a lot of time to understand whatever is ailing you physically and emotionally before the session. She really customizes each session to benefit each client individually. I have recommended Tammy to friends and family who have all benefited from her reiki sessions. I recommend Tammy to everyone!

  • I truly believe that the Reiki and energy treatment by Tammy was instrumental in my full recovery from the rare and debilitating “stills disease” that took me in 2013. I am now twice as strong as i have ever been. I am truly grateful.

    K. Chin
  • The thing about Tammy that sets her apart from many Healers I’ve been to (and I’ve been to quite a few) is she is not just conducting a healing but she gives you the exact tools (by way of her spoken guidance) to heal yourself on your own at later times. This is good because though we all need support and the assistance of gifted Healers it is also important to be able to have something to fall back on in the event that you can’t or don’t feel called to access a Healer other than the one that lives within yourself. Another thing, she is able to say things that go straight to the heart of the matter without a hint of judgement. I love it!

    Shevy Cardoza
  • I have reached out to Tamara many times for spiritual guidance and she has always made feel like I had a clear vision of what to do after our sessions. I know with every session I will always feel that healing light because Tamara makes sure that the energy in every session is clean and pure. I have also had a Reiki Session with her and it was one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. There was a lot of healing to be done and she was able to help me clear the blockages. She is supportive, understanding, and truly gifted. I highly recommend anyone to reach out to Tamara.

    Giselle Marie Cruz
  • I had tried Reiki before and found it was a great way for me to feel re-energized and free, able to see things in a calmer, brighter way. About a year ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and started doing Reiki on a regular basis. It was my “treat” that I looked forward to as it helped with the physical and emotional chaos my body and mind were going through during that time. Most of my discomfort from chemo would go away or lessen significantly. I was able to sleep better, had less anxiety about my medical “journey”, the nausea was reduced and most importantly I felt more peaceful and lighter and better able to deal with all the changes happening in my life. After each session I would feel that there was a huge release within me and a big weight had been lifted off of me. Part of the reason is our “talk time,” I found those talks further helped me in dealing with everything going on. Tammy has a special gift, she is a truly gifted healer and her calming ways always put me at ease. I am convinced Reiki helped me through this challenging time of my life and I will continue with Reiki as it has had such a positive effect on my life. I would highly recommend it to anyone whether it be for everyday life or to help deal with medical/emotional issues. Thank you Tammy for introducing me to Reiki. Continue with all your healing greatness.