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876-416-1347, 876-509-9444 Monday - Saturday 176 Old Hope Road. Kingston, Jamaica

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine or energy work is a healing, awakening and wellness modality that can be done in many ways. The approach is one that comes from an understanding and awareness of all of creation, of this manifest world, having vibration, or an energy body. All of life has at its raw essence, some form of energy.

When we look at the human experience, it is one of many dimensions, many forms of expression, existing simultaneously. Thoughts, emotions, our physical body, our spiritual essence, all function at different vibrations and are interconnected. Our thoughts, our emotions etc. have a certain energy, they all vibrate at their own frequencies.We may not be able to tangibly hold, locate or even see the parameters of our thoughts, emotions or vital essence but we experience them as some form of reality.

Anger may not be a physical form and we may not be able to relate to it as such, but we experience it, we know it when we feel it, we recognize its energy. We also experience it differently from other emotions. For instance, when we feel joy, it is a much “lighter” energy than when we feel anger, which tends to feel “heavy” or “dense”.

So when energy medicine is utilized it works with energy bodies within and around the physical body to balance, purify, revitalize, harmonize and nourish the human being as a whole. In our natural state, our minds are pure, expansive and clear, our hearts are open, joyous and compassionate and our physical body is balanced and healthy. When we experience discomfort, illness or distress, the causes can be found within our energy bodies, there is some change/transformation needed to allow for our true essence to be expressed purely in a healthy, happy, awakened life.